TV Services

KVVI (Keene Valley Video and Internet) offers traditional cable TV service. DirectTV is also popular.

Keene Valley Video and Internet provides 41 channels of cable TV service for $44 a month.   If you subscribe to one of their standard internet services, cable tv is only $29 a month additional. But the channel lineup is small – nothing like what is available via satellite TV.

Here is a link to KVVI’s current channel offerings.   For many people, this is plenty of television. Call KVVI at 518-576-4510 to find out if they can reach your home.

Lots of video programming from Cable TV is now becomming available over the internet.  Some people are getting fast internet connections and just getting their video services over the net instead of subscribing to Cable TV.

and other satellite providers are another option with a huge number of channels and options.  The big problem is that it does not work everywhere in a heavily forested area like ours.  You need to have a clear view to the south.  No trees or mountains can be in the way.  Bad weather sometimes interferes with the service.  There are often deals from Verizon to buy satellite TV bundled with your phone service (and sometimes cell phone service).  Some 2nd homes use their satellite subscription from home.

For seasonal homes, KVVI offers a six month service that satellite can’t beat from a pricing perspective.