Traveling to/from Town


Back in the 1800’s, the only way to get to Keene or Keene Valley was by stagecoach.  Now there are better options. (Photo courtesy of the Keene Valley Library Association Archives)

Traveling to and from Keene sometimes takes longer than we might like, but we have five airports to choose from, Amtrak, bus service and more.  The ferry schedule is useful going to Vermont and below we explain the routes to the small, less busy border crossings to Montreal.  A link to a great road conditions site is included as winter can be tricky.

The big apple is a common destination and easy to get to. Some people spend 3-4 days in the city each week and the balance in Keene.  Getting to/from New York City

Montreal Canada is cosmopolitan major city only 2 hours away from town.  With great food and culture, it is a frequently visited nearby destination.  It also has a major international airport.   Getting to/from Montreal.

There are a number of regional airports to use to get to/from town, although none with scheduled flights is close.

The Lake Champlain Ferries can be handy to use if you are going to Vermont.