Trash Disposal and Recycling

It used to be a real dump. A real “open fire burning” and “throw it over the bank” sort of place. Never mind the brook at the base of the bank. Shooting rats was popular. Then it became a “bury the stuff” dump. Going to watch bears was popular. Now it is a “transfer station”, everything is hauled away and it has a zero-sort recycling program! It has always had some of the best public views in Town.  

It is also possible to contract for a trash and recyclables removal service like Casella. Casella runs the zero-sort collection operation at the public transfer station under contract with the Town.


To leave trash at the Town Transfer Station, you must buy “dump tickets” (punch cards) at Town Hall, Valley Grocery or Valley Hardware.   The transfer station is open from 8:30-4pm.  It is closed Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Holidays are uneven – sometimes it is open, others not, so call 576-4692 if you have any doubts.

You pay for your trash by weight using the punch card tickets so there is a money-saving incentive to recycle glass, metal and paper.  Things like tires and refrigerators are charged extra fees using the same tickets.  There are “bulky days” a few times a year for disposing of things like old furniture and mattresses for free.  Call 518-576-4692 with any questions.

Read the new zero sort recycling rules here.  Metal is recycled separately in a large container at the facility.

Batteries are also collected for proper disposal – just hand them to the attendant.

Place old electronics in the small trailer marked ‘electronics’ at the dump or take them to Best Buy in Plattsburgh.

You need to take construction waste to the Lake Placid Dump, which is a right turn off Rt 73 a little bit past the LP Airport.  If you go with a pickup truck, your trash must be covered with a tarp.  They do not take construction waste every day, and the rules change, so call (518)523-2940 for details or look at their website.  It is closed Thursdays, Sundays and holidays.

The Essex County Landfill in Lewis also takes construction waste and has a hazardous waste disposal day once a year.  Call 518-873-9249 with any questions.


We have a new zero sort recycling program.  Please read the new rules here.  For questions on current recycling call 518-576-4692.

There is a place to leave deposit beverage containers for KCS students to raise money for programs at the School.

Clothing, shoes, and linens/blankets can be put in the collection boxes at the Noonmark Diner, in the lot next to the Valley Gro, or at the dump or donate clothes to the Keene Thrift Shop, the Adirondack Attic by leaving items in the box in the parking area behind the shop.

If you have some perfectly useful items that you cannot sell, or don’t want to bother selling, maybe you would be pleased to give them to someone who could use them?  You can also give away or sell things on Nextdoor Keene.

Cutting down on junk mail is easy.  Catalog Choice is free and lets you cancel any or all catalogs while selecting the ones you do want.

The are also printer cartridge recycling services by mail.