Town of Keene Government


The Town includes the hamlets of Keene, Keene Valley and St. Huberts. Approximately  80% is protected wilderness of some sort. Our Town Supervisor represents us on the County Board of Supervisors for Essex county.

The current Town officials and telephone numbers are on this page.   Look there to find the current contacts for things like building permits, tax assessments, Town water service, and the like.

The Town Clerk, Ellen Estes, 518-576-4444 is the person to call (or email using many things including these:

  • Need dump tickets or information
  • Need a cemetery plot or arrange a burial?
  • Buy a fishing or hunting license?
  • Need something nortarized?
  • Want to enquire about space in the Keene Community Garden on Marcy Field?
  • Want to use Marcy Field or the Community Center for an event, public or private?
  • Interested in the Town’s Summer Youth Recreation Program?

Our Town’s elected positions are paid, some including health insurance benefits. Last I looked the Highway Superintendent is the highest paid position.

Running for Town Board or the other elected positions is simple:  All you need is a petition signed by 5% of the registered voters in your party, 17 for Republican and 14 for Democrat. You can even invent your own party. The info is at:  Many people run unopposed for years but people are always encouraged to run.

Town Board Meetings:  The regular Town Board meeting is bimonthly at 7pm on the second Tuesday of each month.  The minutes of the meetings can be found in Town Board Minutes Archive (scroll down the page, pdf files since 1/1/15).

The Town Planning Board meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 9:00 AM at Town Hall.  Planning Board members are appointed by the Town Board and serve for 6 years.  Anyone interested can submit a letter of interest to the Town Board.  There is no compensation.  The members of the Planning Board are posted here.

Town Budget:  The last budget I can find is 2014.  The entire town budget sums to $2.946 million and it has a few big buckets.

The town road operations are a $1m budget where big items are $226,000 for snow plowing and $177,000 for health insurance.

The largest bucket is the General Fund a about $1.2m where the single largest expense is health insurance at $154,367.

The Keene Fire Dept budget is $166,169, Keene Valley is $194,060 and each hamlet pays for its respective department.  The two water districts each pay for their own operation via water bills to users, not taxes.

The Keene Library has a $64,736 budget and the KV Library receives $6,365 from the Town.

You can review the whole budget by clicking here.  There are no real surprises.

Keep in mind this doesn’t include county taxes. The county budget can be reviewed here. It runs nearly 400 pages.