Mobile (Cell) Phone Service

Verizon Wireless, our only mobile service provider, offers 4G service from towers in Keene and Keene Valley. It doesn’t cover every last part of town because the mountains and ravines cause shadows.  It covers most of the Rt 73 corridor from the Northway I-87 to Lake Placid.
There is an ever-changing set of plans offered so you should look at their website for current details.  Some people have dropped their landline phone service for a combination of cell phones and internet based VoIP service. Cell phones work when the power is out, but only until your battery runs down.

If you cannot get a tower signal or you want coverage for another carrier like AT&T you can create a mini-cell in your home using your internet connection.  Click on this link to see the Verizon version of this technology.   Click on this link to see the AT&T version of this technology.