Internet Service Providers

KVVI (Keene Valley Video and Internet) offers internet access to over 95% of the homes and businesses in town. Satellite and Verizon Wireless data service are also available in some parts of Town.  The KVVI network was built to its current configuration by the Town-Wide Broadband Project.  KVVI was recently sold to SLIC Networks.  The transition to new owners, new employees and new services is underway.

If you have an internet connection, the quickest way to make it pay for itself is to sign up for an internet telephone service and stop using Verizon.  With services like Hulu, some people don’t use CATV anymore to get their television shows.  There are also ways to access different cell phone services.

If you are having trouble with your internet connection, follow these steps.

Cable Modem Service to 95+% of Town

KVVI offers broadband service in Town, most of which now runs over fiber optic cable.   More than 80% of full-time residents subscribe, including every home with a student in the school.  Look here for their current service offerings including hot spot locations.  Seasonal homes are offered a 6 month on/off package.  Call KVVI at 518-576-4510 to find out if your home is in a location they can reach.

In most areas, the KVVI network now has backup power, so it will operate during a power failure.  BUT you must have backup power at home too so your modem has power.

Seasonal homeowners report that, with internet service, they come more often and stay longer.  Some people set up webcams to be able to look at their view, or check the security of their home.

Using your internet connection for voice telephone service can save you enough to almost pay for your whole internet connection – even better for seasonal residents who cannot suspend their Verizon phone service over the winter any more.  You can also use your net connection to establish cell phone service in your house if you cannot get a signal or want service from, for example, AT&T which does not have a tower in the area.

Cell Phone Based Internet Access

Verizon Wireless provides 4G mobile service and is a alternative to KVVI for net access for some parts of Town.  Read the fine print regarding each plan works – they change from time to time.  Speeds may not be as advertised.

For seasonal residents, in homes that get a cell signal, who already subscribe to Verizon Wireless, this is a free solution.   But otherwise it is expensive when compared to KVVI’s 6 month on/off seasonal service and KVVI’s service is faster.  If you cannot get KVVI service, then try Verizon Wireless – it is better and cheaper than satellite.

Satellite Internet Access

Almost no one uses this service any more here for Internet access.  Fiber goes to almost all homes. You need to have an unobstructed view of the southern sky (no trees) to use a satellite.  Wet weather can interfere with the service.  The advertised speeds may look the same as a ground service, but they don’t include what is called latency – the time it takes for the signal to travel to and from the satellite which is 22,000 miles away – so even with the “same speed of service” your experience will be slower with a satellite.  It will not support VoIP voice service or VPNs well.

Read the fine print carefully to understand the various limits on the service and extra charges you may incur for usage beyond a certain level of usage.  In general this type of service is expensive relative to other options.

Having said all that, it is better than dial-up if you have no other alternative.  Locally WildBlue, HughesNet are what I hear used most often.  For seasonal homes that can get to KVVI, it offers a six month service that satellite prices can’t even come close to.

Free Access at the Libraries

The Keene Public Library, and the Keene Valley Library, both have a number of terminals that people can use for net access for free.  They also have wi-fi service.