Electric Utility Service

NYSEG is our local electricity provider.

Report any outage to NYSEG’s automated system by calling 1-800-572-1131 from your home phone as soon as you know of a problem.  The system will know where you are.  It is important to call as soon possible as this allows their systems to determine the scope and location of the failure.  Calling helps them find and fix the problem faster.   Call back the same NYSEG number later and it will give you an estimated time when power will be restored.  You can report outages online too.

NYSEG’s regular business number is 1.800.572.1111 and they have a great online customer account site.  Use this to turn service on or off and deal with billing questions, pay your bill online, etc.

There is increasing installation of solar panels on homes and businesses throughout town.  Apex Solar has just opened a branch office in town.  They will provide a free consultation to figure out if your site will work well with solar panels.  If you install solar panels, for example, NYSEG must buy power from you.  Your meter runs backwards.  BUT, when the power is out, your solar panels will not power your home.  The same holds true for windmills.  Storage of power for use on a cloudy day or at night is a whole different issue.