Things are improving now…

It was a long winter.  And I’m not even going to mention the weather.  A couple of notable things happened.

In the early fall, SubAlpine Coffee closed unexpectedly.  Recently, new managers have taken it on.  They expect to reopen asap.

Also in early fall, the Brew Castle closed, but, don’t worry, all the craft beer moved just across the street, to East Branch Organics, behind Stewarts.

The ADK Cafe closed as well, but as of this writing (April) I hear it will re-open as a fine dining restaurant under new management.  Renovation work is underway now.

In mid-winter, the was a racial incident related to a Keene Central School student that caused a lot of concern.  But the silver lining is it caused the town to have a difficult conversation about prejudice.

In the midst of all this, KVVI, our local cable TV and internet service provider agreed to be sold to SLIC Networks.  SLIC already serves 42 towns in our region.  The closing is pending approval from the NYS Public Service Commission.

Then, in March, the Valley Grocery burned down in a fire on a Sunday afternoon.  The family has announced its intention to rebuild.

On a positive note:

The renovation/addition work at the Keene Valley Library is rocking along.

There is a green energy project to bring solar panels to the highway garage, install LEDs in all buildings, and hopefully place a few EV charging stations around town.

Lastly there is a lot of energy, thought and work seeking to better manage our growing numbers of visitors.  Solutions for parking and transportation are being developed.  This is a high profile issue at this point.

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