The Most Recent Blog Post from the Old Website

Graze, a New Restaurant, and Two New B&Bs Have Opened!

Try lunch or dinner at Graze, the new restaurant in Keene Valley.  The Brew Castle, located in the middle of Keene is offering carefully selected craft beers along with food items and gifts. Stay one of our new B&B’s: Pell House, in Keene Valley across from the church, next to the library, or the Bark Eater Inn, in Keene, a restored historic inn on 200 acres.

An EV charging site is available when the owners are not plugged in.  It is a 240v J1772 fast charger mounted on front of the garage at 15 Hilltop lane in Keene.  Thanks go to new residents Pete and Amy Nelson.

The Town of Keene has a new website.  Here is the link to hiker parking and shuttle information. For current outdoor conditions start on this page maintained by The Mountaineer.
Recovery from the flooding caused by Irene continues, has passed the 4 year mark.   By the end of 2016 almost every bridge from I-87 to Lake Placid will have been replaced.  So we have temporary stoplights(!) in town, which means that you will notice more about town.  Stop and visit a shop, have a coffee, a meal, get gas, go to the ATM.  Or buy a piece of pie – no kidding –  there are now 4 excellent pie places: Noonmark and Rivermede Farm Store in Keene Valley, and Cedar Run Market along with ADK Cafe and Market in Keene all sell amazing pies.  We’re becomming pie HQ for the entire region!
Keene is doing well.  Broadband all over town has brought new residents, including families with children who are also attracted by our award winning school.  Verizon cell service covers both hamlets and much of the surrounding lands.  Both hamlets have new drinking water systems.  The Keene Valley library is thinking of a major improvement project.  Our Supervisor, Bill Ferebee, is now Chair of Essex County.  We have new, zero-sort, recycling at the transfer station.

The big local news is the opening of the new Walton Bridge, the footbridge, restoring the 2 mile walking loop around the river to Keene.  The ribbon cutting made the papers here.

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